Wednesday, September 13, 2006

story on the TDU by Mr. Alan Dean

Dear Family and friends,
On Friday, September 8, 2006 I took part in a scientific study which enablesblind persons to be able to visualize objects by stimulation of theirtongue. After being introduced to theprogram , I was seated facing a wall, 3 feet in front of me. I was allowedto feel the shape of what turned out to be a very large letter E. The aparatus, described in the article below was set in place. After a fewminutes of adjusting my head up and down and from left to right, incarefully contrived movements, I was able to visualize the letter EThis wasexhilirating and I could hear my heart beating quite loudly. This figure wasthen turned in different directions and I had to describe what I was able tovisualize. As this part of the study continued, the size of the itemswere reduced until such time I was not able to discern the shape within thetimeframe.This was the first time I could visit the world I thought haddisappeared when I lost my sight. The rest of the study is adequatelydescribed in the transcript of the segment of the Television program airedby the ABC Networkacross North America.I cannot describe the wonderful feeling I experienced yesterday. I wasoverwrought with emotion and excitement and returned home, totally exhaustedbut overjoyed that whatever the outcome will be, in my lifetime or not, thatI have made a contribution to science and with the hope that many personswill be the beneficiaries of the contribution made by the persons who haveparticipated in this study. Mike Ciarciello is not only a musician but isalso an accomplished specialist teaching blind persons how to use a computer...
Alan Dean.

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