Saturday, June 10, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Dear internet-navigators,
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to my blog. I began this blog because i was being asked many questions about my Ph.D. research concerning navigation in the blind, brain plasticity and sensory substitution. The object of my Ph.D. research using the tongue display unit (TDU), a device capable of transmitting visual information via the tongue, is to test the limits of this device in navigation, and also to identify what brain regions will be recruited in such a task.
This blog will keep you informed on the ground breaking research being conducted at Unversity of Montreal, school of Optometry in the laboratory of world reknown neurologist Dr. Maurice Ptito, my Ph.D supervisor. I will also keep you posted on all new developments of my research and preliminary results.
On this blog you will find updates of my research, abstracts, and past publications. I will also post messages and short communications (in french and in english) on the theoretical aspects of my research. You will find several links to other interesting research being conducted on brain plasticity, sensory substitution and navigation in the blind in general.
The show "découverte" on radio-canada made a segment reviewing the wqork that has been conducted in Dr. Maurice Ptito's laboratory concerning sensory substitution and brain plasticity:, i suggest you check it out.
Daniel-Robert Chebat
p.s. Please feel free to send me any comment sor questions you may have and i will gladly answer you in a reasonable amount of time. Hope to talk to you soon!